Corporate Training

All course materials are first developed with hands – on exercises in mind and lecture materials supplementing the hands- on activities

Dr. Ali training philosophy is simple: students learn by doing. Hands-on learning and practical exercises are central to his teaching style. To provide the highest possible quality of instructions the training materials are regularly updated to reflect new threats and defense techniques to enable participants to keep their knowledge up-to-date.

Modes of Delivery 

  • In-house training - Anywhere, Anytime! If you are a group of five or more professionals who can all be spread at the same time, the in-house training (Dr. Ali will come to your place)  may well be the most effective solution for you! Please feel free to contact Dr. Ali to arrange for an in-house event. 
  • Through corporate training companies: Dr. Ali enjoys a long and successful history of collaboration with corporate training companies in delivering high quality courses  to their clients. Please feel free to contact Dr. Ali, if you are a corporate training company and would like to include Dr. Ali training programs in your training portfolio! 
  • Online training is a flexible option for those who are not able to attend live classes. You may participate in Dr.Ali's training from the convenience of your computer anywhere in the world and save travel and time expenses! Online courses are usually delivered through 2-2.5 hour sessions over the course of 5 to 8 weeks. Please feel free to contact Dr. Ali, to schedule an online course or book a place in his upcoming online training programs. 

List of Courses

Cyber Security Certification Training Programs (5 days) - Attend Quality Training and Become Certified  

  • Certified Information Security Manager (Boot Camp Style): CISM® means higher earning potential and career advancement as described by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA®). The CISM certification is intended to provide a common body of knowledge for information security management; focuses on information risk management as the basis of information security; and includes material on issues that are on a much larger scope (such as how to govern information security) as well as those issues considered practical (such as developing and managing an information security program and incident handling).
    This CISM® Boot Camp training will provide you with a quality education that will successfully prepare you for what you will encounter on the certification exam and while on the job.
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (Boot Camp Style): (ISC)2® describes CISSP® as a globally recognized standard of achievement that confirms an individual's knowledge in the field of information security. CISSP® comprehensively covers information system security concepts, principles, and methodologies. CISSP® holders are expected to have a broad range of skills across security policy development and management as well as technical understanding of a wide range of security controls across all disciplines within information security. CISSP® certification demonstrates proven experience and is the key to a higher earning potential in roles that include CISO, CSO and Senior Security Manager.
    This CISSP® Boot Camp style training prepares you to not only pass CISSP® exam but achieve in-depth knowledge of all CISSP® Common Body of Knowledge (CBK)®  domains and gain the necessary skills to provide leadership in the creation and operational duties of enterprise wide information security programs.
  • Certified Cyber Forensics Professional (Boot Camp Style): (ISC)2® describes CCFP ® as "an objective measure of excellence valued by courts and employers alike"! CCFP is an expert-level cyber forensics credential that demonstrates expertise in forensics techniques and procedures, legal and ethical principles, and presenting complete and reliable cyber investigation reports to a court of law. Moreover, CCFP certificate indicates your ability to accomplish forensically-sound e-discovery, malware analysis and incident response.
    This CCFP Boot Camp style training prepares you to not only pass CCFP exam but achieve in-depth knowledge and skills of all domains of CCFP and establish principles to discuss, debate and resolve matters pertaining to the profession.
  • Advanced Skills for Network Penetration Testing with Kali-Linux: If you are looking for an intensive hands-on penetration testing training which focus on building your practical skills to infiltrate networks then this course is just for you! 
    The course starts with developing your scripting skills and move on with writing customized scripts to enumerate target network services and devices and conduct vulnerability scanning. Afterwards, you would learn how to customize Windows and Linux exploits and debugging available exploit-codes to optimize them for your own needs. You would run your customized exploits to infiltrate to given Windows 7 and Ubuntu machines. The course continues with developing your post-exploitation skills on privilege escalation, client-side attacks, transferring files and harvesting information from compromised machines. Then you would be engaged with port-redirection and traffic encapsulation challenges to learn how to transfer collected data through network IDS and Firewall machines. There would be special modules on password cracking and web-application attacks followed by practicing antivirus-avoidance techniques. During the last day of the class, you would be guided through real-life hardcore penetration testing scenarios that not only utilize your pen-testing toolbox but make you to develop creative solutions to resolve compound problems. 
  • EC-Council® Training Programs: Dr. Ali is a Certified EC-Council instructor and holds many EC-Council certificates namely Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT), EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (E|CSA), Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (C|HFI), EC-Council Certified Secure Programmer.Net (E|CSP.NET), and EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH). Dr.Ali continuously delivers CEH, CHFI, ECSA, and ECSP.NET courses all around the globe.   

Cyber-Security Core Skills Training Programs (3 days) - Acquire Essential Skills to Get the Job Done! 

  • Core Skills for Cyber Security Practitioners (CS-CSP): This course covers need to know practical knowledge and core skills for cyber-security professionals. You will not only learn up to the minute practices in digital security but get yourself familiar with wider areas of incident handling and digital forensics. This course is the best starting point for those who are seriously looking to develop their knowledge and career in IT security. 
  • Core Skills for Digital Forensics Investigators (CS-DFI): The only way to learn digital forensics is by doing real case-studies! This course is totally designed and developed using real life cases. All course modules are starting with a case-study that would be followed throughout the module to provide a very practical and realistic view of investigation to participants.  In this course you will learn core techniques that computer forensics analysts are employing to collect, analyze, and present digital evidences and track criminals actions. This course covers essentials skills of analyzing files, investigation of Windows® and Linux® hosts and Android devices and investigating network traffic and finding traces of network attacks. Finally the course enables you to develop professional forensics investigation reports should you need to present your findings in court.
  • Core Skills for Network Penetration Testers (CS-NPT): In this course you will learn essential, practical skills to become a successful penetration tester. This course is designed based on lots of hands-on penetration testing experience merged with latest techniques of course delivery that makes it the best choice for those looking for serious, practical pentest learning. The course first describes the limitations of penetration testing techniques and how to develop a good pentest platform and develop first-class pentest reports followed by practical and hands-on methods of reconnaissance, scanning and employing exploitation frameworks in real scenarios. In addition, it provides a taste of web and password cracking techniques that would be needed in all penetration testing projects.

Cyber-Security Short Courses (1 day) - Get Yourself Familiar with Cyber Security Landscape

  • Cyber Security for Business Executives and Decision Makers: the most common question that Dr. Ali is facing at the end of his technical security classes is “If is there is any one-day security training that my business manager can attend?”! And here is the answer! This one day course is specifically designed for business executives and C-level managers who are looking to acquire essential needed skills that help them to understand their cyber security team requirements and make wise decisions in planning and prioritizing their cyber-security efforts.
  • Essential Presentation and Communication Skills for Cyber- Security Professionals: Writing effective reports and reading other people reports or presentation is daily task of almost any IT professional! This course is specifically designed to assist IT-security professionals in doing effective research and keep themselves up to dated with latest trends and transfer their findings into high quality whitepapers or business reports. As all reports need to be presented eventually, this course continues with enabling participants to prepare effective presentations and successfully manage cross debates. Good presentations are always finding their ways to the public domains!  So at the final stage of this course we look into the skills and considerations to transfer your business presentations to wonderful public speeches.
Please feel free to contact me for further information or to make an appointment.