Based in Sheffield, UK, Dr. Ali Dehghantanha is a researcher in cyber security and digital forensics with special focus on application of machine learning and data analytic techniques in cyber threat hunting and intelligence. 

Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence

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On 21st Oct 2015, I have delivered a speech in ISACA meeting at KPMG Manchester on Strategic Cyber Threat Intelligence. Many people requested for slides; so click here to download!

Unlike tactical threat intelligence which is concentrated on detection of Indications of Compromise (IOC) and low level footprints of attackers, in strategic threat intelligence, we are trying to provide higher picture of attacks within different contexts answering questions such as what are your most valuable assets to attackers, what possible strategies were taken by attackers to compromise and what are the most probable future attack path, etc.! It is a lot more difficult for hackers to change their strategies than their tools and techniques. 

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further details or require more information about what we do in our research lab in this regard. 

Forensic Investigation of OneDrive, Box, GoogleDrive and Dropbox Applications on Android and iOS Devices

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