Based in Sheffield, UK, Dr. Ali Dehghantanha is a researcher in cyber security and digital forensics with special focus on application of machine learning and data analytic techniques in cyber threat hunting and intelligence. 

Android Malware Research Dataset

The rapid growth in usage of Android devices heavily promoted malware and security research on these platforms. I have recently compiled an Android malware dataset called M0DROID (with Mohsen one of my Master students) which was used as part of RAMP (Recognition of Android Malware Patterns) competition and therefore, decided to put a short post on three most most comprehensive Android malware research datasets as it could be useful to other researchers:

  1. Android Malware Genome dataset developed at North Carolina  State University and include tons of Android malware till Oct 2011. 

  2. MobWorm project dataset: the Dutch dataset of Android malware till Feb 2013
  3. M0DROID: Me and Mohsen developed this dataset and we try to keep it very uptodate! Unlike other datasets, the M0DROID contains both goodware and malware samples which could make it ideal for research. It was first developed when I was with University Putra Malaysia and last updated in Dec 2014. Should you find any new malware sample please feel free to submit us through M0DROID official page. If you like to have a copy of the dataset please feel free to email me.  Should you use this dataset for your research, please cite this article: as below: "Mohsen Damshenasa, Ali Dehghantanha, Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo & Ramlan Mahmud, "M0Droid: An Android Behavioral-Based Malware Detection Model", Journal of Information Privacy and Security, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp. 141-157, 2015, DOI:10.1080/15536548.2015.1073510. "

Hope you find this quick post useful!


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