Based in Sheffield, UK, Dr. Ali Dehghantanha is a researcher in cyber security and digital forensics with special focus on application of machine learning and data analytic techniques in cyber threat hunting and intelligence. 

Good cyber-security conferences and free training programs

Hi All,

Considering huge number of conferences and training programs available these days in Cyber Security, it is sometimes difficult to decide which events really worth to attend! I am trying to list down definitely worth to attend security conferences and good free training programs in cyber-security! please note this is NOT a comprehensive list but only those that I have tried and found them good! Please feel free to suggest other valuable events that I may have missed in your comments.

Excellent Free security training programs:
* [Offensive Secuirty Course at Florida State University]1: I really love this course materials and great lectures of W. Owen Redwood! * [Open Security Training][2] : great training courses! You may wonder why they are all free! * Corelan Team exploit writing tutorials: greate materials to learn basics of exploit development especially in Windows environment.

Good academic security conferences: * Annual IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy * [Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium]5 * Digital Forensics Research Workshop (DFRWS) * Annual Privacy Forum (APF): * [IFIP International Conference on Digital Forensics]8 * [International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security ]9 * [International Conference on Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime]10 * [Annual Conference on Detection of Intrusions and Malware & Vulnerability Assessment]11

Good industrial Conferences: * [DefCon]12: * [BlackHat conference]13: * [Hack in the Box]14: * [DerbyCon]15: * [ShmooCon]16:

Valuable Cyber Security Conferences and Free Training Programs

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